Click&Flip Flashcards UI

click&flip flashcards wireframe-flow_r1

Above: a simple user flow chart for an app that will allow the user to create customisable flippable flashcards. The set will start with 10 flashcards, but the user will be able to add and remove cards if needed. Once the questions and answers have been added, the user will be able to embed the code, or export it to a unique url so they can bookmark it and practice or teach with their own unique set of flashcards.

UI Design + Prototype: Interactive Resume with Figma

Below are wireframes for an interactive resume, and below that is the mockup – both created in Figma. I designed this with myself in mind (You can see my interactive resume prototype here) but also imaging the tabs could be in different locations (eg; stacked along a side, top or bottom). I chose this layout for my resume so the tabs wouldn’t cover any content. I also think there would be a slightly more complicated option where all of the tabs stayed visible on each frame – so there would be no need to return to the top/profile frame to get to the other tabs. I admit this project was abandoned before I perfected it. Other things became more important and I never got back to it, although I do think it’s a fun design.


BeFunky: Mobile help screens & Design templates

Screenshot of BeFunky’s app, 2015
BeFunky Photo Editing App
Help pages for BeFunky’s mobile app, 2015
Help pages for BeFunky’s mobile app

Vector Components for UI

vector components for the humane league
UI icon set for the Humane League
minimalist icon set
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