Napa Valley Wine Academy

As an in-house designer at NVWA I mostly created digital designs for email campaigns, webpages and online courses. However I did get to work on a few fun print projects:

nvwa tasting compass photo
tasting compass for wine kits
wine kit packaging
wine kit labels
nvwa retractable banner front
retractable banner – side 1
nvwa retractable banner back
retractable banner – side 2

Florists’ Review

At Wildflower I had the opportunity to design some beautiful magazine layouts, design a book, edit videos and create motion graphics, create and schedule email campaigns, learn new things and generally just have a lot of fun doing my job.

In addition to creating magazine layouts and book design, I designed ads, promos and fliers for clients and internal use. Although printed deliverables were our main medium – I also did website design, posts, and maintenance; shot and edited videos for marketing purposes, floral arranging tutorials and more.

florist review cover and spread
Design School book
Design School: holding book
Design School interior
Design School_open_pages_TOC-inside only
Design school page detail
Design School page detail
Wildflower Media Magazine covers - ad
3 books ad
books - ad

Interior Office Solutions Showroom Catalogue


I Saw A Murder of Crows, Book

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