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Outlier is an agency that specialises in video and animation. Most of the projects we worked on while I was with Outlier were for our client’s internal uses: HR/hiring videos, culture videos, insurance updates, and other explainer videos. Outlier also offered marketing and design services, as well as event video production and post. We did a lot in the short time I was there-unfortunately cut short due to the pandemic.

Outlier Re-branding Project 2019

In March 2019, after 14 years of business, Outlier needed a new look for the new, more video + animation-focused, service offerings. Inspired by trending gradients and film lighting motifs, I created a new logo, new color palette, brand guide, website, business cards and more.

outlier branding project
outlier graphic
outlier bumper animation
Outlier Bumper / end plate

Outlier Jumpcuts: Core 77

Part of a series of videos by Outlier. This was an interesting project for me – one of the first that I took on when I started working with Outlier. There was an initial edit done by another teammate, however, the project had stagnated; I was assigned the task of creating motion graphics and tying the edit together. The problem was allowing Eric time to tell his story, and keeping the viewer visually engaged without much b-roll (we didn’t have much to use). Using After Effects I created some text-graphics, transitions and animations to help tell the story. (note: I did not create the retro computer motion graphics, nor the map graphics – they were a part of the previous edit)

Client work: IBEW Virtual Rosie’s Parade.

Since the Rose Parade had to go virtual due to the pandemic, Outlier’s client IBEW needed a way to get involved. Using self-recorded videos submitted by female union members, I edited together this message for them to submit.

Top 10 Reasons Video Works

Created for Outlier’s marketing team by me. I took copy from Outlier’s pitch deck and graphic assets that I created for Outlier’s brand to create this motion graphic video.

MarketCraft Showcase Reel

Under Outlier, 2019. Outlier filmed this to showcase MarketCraft’s skills. I designed the logo & text animation, and motion graphics, as well as a little editing in the beginning of the video.

video by Outlier bumper

Huntington Open Enrollment Healthcare Video

Below is a live action + animation video created in order to help explain healthcare plans to employees. They were designed to partner with a company that provided live clickable links, so viewers could either choose to click on a link to learn more, or could let the video play on if the information was not relevant to them. Created while working with Outlier, 2020 in AfterEffects. All animation work was done by me, however some of the iconography was provided by Huntington.

FourEyes demo animation, under Outlier/Adpearance, 2020.

Outlier was subcontracted by Adpearance to quickly knock out a an animation for the FourEyes website. Under heart direction of Adpearance, I created this animation. [After Effects]

Social videos created for Outlier

The Language of LinkedIn is a short data-driven animation showing the popularity of words used in posts on LinkedIn.

Client work: ControlTek van wrap

Control Tech van wrap side
Control Tech van wrap rear
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