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At Napa Valley Wine Academy, I was initially hired as support in design, for marketing and education. I worked under the Creative Director, using her designs and branding to help create various material for education and marketing. All of my work was therefore created within the constraints of the Brand Guide that the Creative Director created, and her visions for course styles. My roles and my responsibilities grew as the years passed, and my digital technology experience (web design, email campaign building, etc) was relied upon more, as well as me setting standards within the company for creative briefs, project workflows, and project management.

WSET Spirits Course Explainer Video

Napa Valley Wine Academy Brand Guide 2023

Napa Valley Wine Academy Brand Guide samples

NVWA All Quizzes page

During my tenure at NVWA, I held a pivotal role in building interactive quizzes for both students and marketing purposes, integrating them into our website. On a weekly basis, I received sets of questions and answers from the content team, where I curated the content, sourced appropriate images for cover pages and questions, and crafted the quizzes. The final step was grabbing the JaveScript code and embedding the each quiz into a dedicated web page, ensuring a seamless user experience.

As we continued to enhance our website and grow as an organisation, it became evident that users desired a centralised hub to access and select quizzes based on their preferred topics. I proposed and contributed to the development of a user-friendly page that provided users with an array of quizzes to choose from, catering to their specific interests and learning objectives.

In addition, I often work with the Operations team to troubleshoot / solve UX issues, create wireframes and more. Early on in my employment I had the opportunity to contribute to the 2021 web design wireframes and mockups. While I didn’t have the final say on the user experience part, I made sure to infuse some design magic, ensuring that everything looked visually appealing and functional.

Overall, it was a gratifying experience to play a key role in shaping our website’s interactive features, making learning more enjoyable for our users. I found so much fulfillment in this aspect of my job that I wanted to delve deeper and explore further possibilities. This desire motivated me to enroll in a JavaScript course, aiming to solidify my understanding of the language and equip myself to take on more web design and interaction projects confidently. The course opened up new horizons, allowing me to pursue my passion and embark on exciting opportunities in the digital realm.

Côtes du Rhône Online Course 2021/2022: Working with the Instructional Designer, I created the visual assets for Napa Valley Wine Academy’s online course in partnership with the region’s headquarters. Above is the introduction video to the course. Using a script and direction from the instructional designer, I edited 11 videos and created all illustrations and animations within the course, and some for marketing purposes.

I was asked to design fake wine labels used within the course used to display the differences in label styles.

American Wine Expert Course Launch Promo

I led the concept, created the animation, chose the music and edited the video for this project to promote the launching out Napa Valley Wine Academy’s American Wine Expert online course.

What Is Wine Education? Facebook Ad

I collaborated on the concept, created the animated titles, chose the music and edited the video for this project to get lead generation for Napa Valley Wine Academy via a Facebook Ad.


wine kit box packaging
wine kit label design
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napa valley wine academy wine journal cover
napa valley wine academy wine journal inside cover
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