2023 Treasure Hunt Map for North Somerset RSPCA branch
2023 Treasure Hunt Map for the North Somerset RSPCA Branch

Humane League | Amicus project

The Humane League needed an illustration that displayed the scope of their campaign with Amicus to help making sending digital postcards for activists easier. I worked with the Lead Designer on this project – artwork by me, art direction by Cristyn Hypnar.

Amicus - THL: sketch
Amicus - THL: layout sketch
Amicus - THL: one of the first color drafts
Amicus - THL: final

Book of Manners (for Dogs)

This is an idea that sprung from my old “Mister Dog” animation. The Book of Manners for Dogs will have illustrated guides on how dog socialisation works. It will be a book for children to help them understand dog etiquette, and that will have tips for kids when meeting new people and kids too. All ideas and artwork by me.

Dog Etiquette: Don’t be rude!
Dog Etiquette: You have to let the new dog smell you!
Blue Girl 2020
Blue Girl | 2020

2016 Oregon Drive Less Campaign

Illustrations and layout by me for the 2016 Oregon Drive Less Campaign.

bicycle riders in progress
buses-houses sketch
insert detail
Oregon Drive Less poster
Oregon Drive Less postcard

Friendly House | SAGE project

Adobe Illustrator | 2013

Friendly House | SAGE needed an illustration for their Gay & Gray event for LGBTQ seniors in 2013. Below is the illustration I created chosen for the poster design.


Examples of my illustrations for BeFunky’s photo-editing app. These were used as “stickers” that users could add to their photos and designs.

Valentine’s icons for BeFunky’s app
Summer icons for BeFunky’s app
Halloween icons for BeFunky’s app

Mr Crowley

Mr Crowley, 2016 Illustrator + Photoshop
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