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I create all types of 2D animations – from fun cartoons, to motion graphics, animations for web design and explainer videos.

Top 10 Reasons Video Works

Created for Outlier’s marketing team by me. I took copy from Outlier’s pitch deck and graphic assets that I created for Outlier’s brand to create this motion graphic video.

MarketCraft Showcase Reel

Under Outlier, 2019. Outlier filmed this to showcase MarketCraft’s skills. I designed the logo & text animation, and motion graphics, as well as a little editing in the beginning of the video.

video by Outlier bumper

Huntington Open Enrollment Healthcare Video

Below is a live action + animation video created in order to help explain healthcare plans to employees. They were designed to partner with a company that provided live clickable links, so viewers could either choose to click on a link to learn more, or could let the video play on if the information was not relevant to them. Created while working with Outlier, 2020 in AfterEffects. All animation work was done by me, however some of the iconography was provided by Huntington.

FourEyes demo animation, under Outlier/Adpearance, 2020.

Outlier was subcontracted by Adpearance to quickly knock out a an animation for the FourEyes website. Under heart direction of Adpearance, I created this animation. [After Effects]

Social videos created for Outlier

The Language of LinkedIn is a short data-driven animation showing the popularity of words used in posts on LinkedIn.

BeFunky’s Designer App Trailer

I created this from a screencast a co-worker made, to promote BeFunky’s Designer App Launch. Using Final Cut to edit the screencast, and After Effects to make the motion graphics and to animate the mouse movements.

BeFunky’s App Preview

An “app preview” video for BeFunky’s mobile app. Edited from a co-worker’s screencast on Final Cut, and used After Effects for the motion graphics and to animate the mouse movements.

Mister Dog

Mister Dog is an animated tutorial for children that aims to teach compassion and understanding for our canine friends specifically, and for non-human and human animals broadly. This could end up being an animated series and/or an interactive tutorial or app.

As of now this project is on the back-burner, but I plan on getting to it eventually. The dialogue is meant to be geared towards children 5-10 years, and intended to be humorous and informative.

mister dog image example 2
mister dog image example 2
mister dog original sketch
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