Animal Welfare


2023 Treasure Hunt Map for North Somerset RSPCA branch
2023 Treasure Hunt Map for the North Somerset RSPCA Branch

The Humane League

thl social pig espagñol
thl rooster volunteer with us

created for The Humane League | 2016

The Humane League | Amicus project

The Humane League needed an illustration that displayed the scope of their campaign with Amicus to help making sending digital postcards for activists easier. I worked with the Lead Designer on this project – artwork by me, art direction by Cristyn Hypnar.

Amicus - THL: sketch
Amicus - THL: layout sketch
Amicus - THL: one of the first color drafts
Amicus - THL: final
voice-for-animals logo
The Humane League grassroots-poster
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